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Welcome to Rattlehead Games!

Rattlehead Games has been in operation since May of 2005, and we still can't believe how great it has been! Our customers are wonderful, our suppliers are fantastic and it's been one heck of a ride! We thank you all for doing business with us and we hope we can continue for many, many years to come.

Our Number One Goal remains to be first in customer satisfaction! So far, we believe we've managed pretty well, but we want to do more! We hope you'll help us meet that goal by choosing Rattlehead Games as your source for the miniatures and games you love! As always, YOU can help make us the store YOU want! We want very much to hear from you.

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We'd love to hear from you! Until then, thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!
Brandon "Rattlehead" Luffman, Owner

Latest News

June 18, 2015 - New Pig Iron Scavengers Added And Wyrd Items On eBay

Pig Iron Productions Logo

It's been a while since we've done an update, but we're happy to announce that we've finally gotten the new System Scavengers packs from Pig Iron Productions in the catalog! While these have been available from Pig Iron for a while now, they're new additions to the catalog, and so we'll do the usual pre-order process before ordering in any for stock. If you'd like yours in the first shipment, now's the time to get 'em!

The new Pig Iron items are the two System Scavenger Guards packs (#1 and #2) along with a new pack of heads, and a new pack of 40 assorted pouches.

Also, as we mentioned last year, we're moving some products out of our catalog. Among these are the last of the old Wyrd Miniatures items we had on hand. There are still a few of those left, and we've decided to put them up on eBay and move them out. These are standard auctions, with no reserve prices and starting bids at $0.01. However, these are limited to US customers only. Apologies to our international customers. There are a few Wyrd items we have that aren't listed among those auctions - mostly duplicates of what is already on eBay. If these auctions go well, we'll probably put the rest up on eBay soon after.

Finally, I'd like to explain a little about what's been going on lately. We've just passed our 10 year anniversary here at RHG back in May, and we're still here. However, business has been very slow across the tabletop gaming industry and we're no exception. In addition to a "day job" to (almost) make ends meet, I've also been working hard to build my writing career. My time is divided, but more than that, I only have so much energy to devote to so many things. I apologize to our customers who have come to expect fast responses to emails and orders. At this time, I'm not really able to be as quick on the draw as I had been - but rest assured that while we may be a little slower to reply, we WILL respond to you as soon as possible when you place an order or send an email.

One last thing to mention: I don't generally bring up the writing thing here because it's not really directly tied to Rattlehead Games. I just have a gut instinct that I should keep the "author me" and the "RHG me" separate and not "cross the streams". But, I did want to let you good folks know what has been behind the recent changes here.

Pig Iron System Scavenger Guards 1 (5)

October 29, 2014 - Ninja Magic News

Sorry, but for the time being we have removed Ninja Magic products from our catalog. This is something we've talked with Ninja Magic about and, for the time being, this is the best for the future development of the product line. I hope that the absence of Ninja Magic will be as brief as possible. For anyone who is still waiting on some of the back-ordered Ninja Magic items, know that those will be coming shortly and we will get your items to you as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to what comes next from Ninja Magic.

October 14, 2014 - Back In The Saddle - And A Clearance On Wyrd!

A couple of quick things to mention today. First, I (Rattlehead) am back at the helm! Thanks to the wife for helping take some of the load off while I was under the weather. I'm not at 100% yet, but I'm mostly well and, better yet, we should be caught up on the back-log of emails. If you're awaiting an email response from us, please try contacting us again.

In other news, we're doing a clearance sale on our remaining stock of Wyrd Miniatures products. Most of what we have are older items that have been collecting dust for some time. The prices are slashed and once they're gone, they're gone. We do like the Wyrd line and will likely be adding them back to the catalog at some future date, but for now, we're clearing them out. Get 'em while you can!

All of these clearance items are first come, first served and we don't plan on doing back-orders of any once they sell out. While we'll try to update the catalog as they go out, if you want to make sure something is still available before ordering, please feel free to drop us a line.

October 5, 2014 - Our Apologies

If you have tried to contact us since Wednesday, the 1st, and haven't gotten a response, it's because Brandon has been quite ill. We will get to your emails and orders as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued patience!

May 22, 2014 - Technical Difficulties Resolved!

We've gotten things all patched up here (more or less) and we're now back up and running. We've got lots of emails and such to go through, but we should be caught up in the next day or two. If you're waiting on a response from us and don't hear anything in the next couple of days, please try contacting us again. Sorry for the trouble, folks!

May 17, 2014 - Technical Difficulties

We're currently having some computer issues and are unable to respond to emails or ship orders. Orders can be placed, but we're currently unable to respond to them. We would have posted about this earlier, but we had expected to be up and running much sooner. Hopefully, we'll be back up at some point over the weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience!

January 22, 2014 - Shipping Cost Increase Coming - No, For Real This Time!

The cost of shipping has continued to climb over the years, and we've tried to avoid increasing our shipping rates. Unfortunately, we can't avoid it any longer and must increase what we charge for shipping. We have talked about doing this in the past, but held off as long as we could. We will be making this change soon after the end of this month.

Our current rate for domestic US orders ($3.85 with free shipping on orders over $50) was the actual cost of sending what amounts to a Small Flat Rate Priority Mail box at the time we instituted that policy. That cost has gone up, but we've not raised our rates with it.

At this point, it's not certain what our shipping rates will go to. We will probably be increasing both our US and international rates. We may keep the free shipping for US orders over a certain amount, but where that cut-off amount will be is unsure as well. Once we do change the rates, we'll be posting about it to let everyone know, and the new rates will appear on our Policies/FAQs page.

Also, just as a quick reminder, we are currently still very well stocked on Ninja Magic's Magnetic Adapters and Small Connectors. Get 'em while they're hot!

December 14, 2013 - Ninja Magic Restock!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we've gotten a big restock shipment from Ninja Magic this week! They've been closed for some months for a move, but they are beginning to get back up to speed. Presently, we've got at least a little of most of their products. However, we are very well stocked on Magnetic Adapters and Small Connectors. We hope that we'll be able to get restocks more regularly in the future, now that they're back up and running.

December 2, 2013 - New Pig Iron Zombies, Ninja Magic News, Holiday Delays

Pig Iron Productions Logo

A few updates for you today! The first is that we've just added two new Pig Iron packs to the catalog - The Infected! These guys are great for zombies, plague victims, some of the more nasty variants of vampire, all sorts of things! They come in an 8 pack with 8 different poses, or a 4 pack with a random selection from the 8 poses. Each figure is a single piece casting and has basing pegs on the feet. Bases are not included. We'll take preorders for them for a week or so before ordering in our initial stock.

Meanwhile, we've also got a bit of news regarding Ninja Magic. As we mentioned previously, they had closed for a bit. They are back open now and working to get up to speed, but it is a slow process. Right now, most of our stock is still sold out. However, we do hope to have a restock coming in soon. We have also been notified that the Kotaku Battlecruiser is temporarily out of production. There should be some in the coming restock, but these will be going to outstanding orders and we don't expect to have any extras. Because of this, we have removed the Kotaku Battlecruiser from our catalog until it is back in production. If you already have an order in that includes this ship, we should be able to fill it once the shipment arrives from Ninja Magic, but there aren't any extra at this time.

Lastly, we wanted to mention that the holiday season is now upon us. This means that holiday shipping delays are coming as well! If you need something in time for Christmas, please drop us a line and let us know. This is especially true of the product lines that we import from outside the US. Should an item you need require a back-order, it could take some time to come in. Shipping times, particularly on international shipments, can be very unpredictable. This is especially true this time of year!

Pig Iron Infected 8 Pack

September 16, 2013 - New Pig Iron Goodies And Assorted News!

Once again, it's been a long time since our last update. Sorry about that, but we've been incredibly busy with matters unrelated to Rattlehead Games and our opportunities to post updates have been very limited. But, enough about that, on with the goodies!

First up, we have a new head sprue pack from Pig Iron, and I think this one will be popular! The pack contains 20 mixed heads in masks. These are suitable for lots of uses, such as special forces, OPFOR, terrorists, and so on. Pig Iron has also just released two new packs of legs and two new packs of torsos in their Near Future line. These are Irregular troops, and like the other legs and torsos, can be mixed and matched for tons of variety! We have a very limited amount of these new releases in stock now, but will be ordering more in the coming weeks as demand dictates.

In other news, sadly, this Pig Iron update also includes a price increase. The Pig Iron product lines have all gone up slightly. This isn't a huge jump, but it is noteworthy.

Finally, we also have some good news regarding Ninja Magic! We've recently gotten word from Ninja Magic that they hope to be back up and running as normal in the next few weeks. Right now, most of our Ninja Magic stock is wiped out, but we're expecting a major restock once they get back up to speed.

May 6, 2013 - Ninja Magic On Hiatus Soon

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have been notified by Ninja Magic that they will be temporarily closing soon for an extended period. During that time, we will be unable to obtain Ninja Magic products. Presently, our stock is rather low on most of their products, but we should be able to get most items that people will need in relatively short order. If you will need any Ninja Magic products over the next three or four months, including Magnetic Adapters, we encourage you to order or request them within the next week. Once Ninja Magic is on break, we expect our stock to sell out rather quickly and will be unable to get more for the duration of their hiatus.

April 29, 2013 - New Pig Iron Head Sprues!

Been a while since our last update, but things are going on in the background! For now, enjoy these four new packs of heads from Pig Iron Productions! This group of releases includes a new pack of Ballistic Helmets With Gasmasks, a pack of Mercenary Heads, a pack of Heads With Berets, and a pack with Boonie Hats! Very cool!

These are, as usual, a pre-order item for now. We'll be getting the first of these in the next few weeks, and if you'd like to get yours in that first shipment, please go ahead and get your orders in!

November 26, 2012 - New Pig Iron Near Future Infantry!

Yet another great set of releases from Pig Iron Productions! This time they have a new line of Near Future Infantry. In addition to the pack of 10 multi-part figures, you can order from two sets of Leg Sprues, two sets of Torso Sprues, and a pack of heads in Ballistic Helmets. These are a pre-order item and we should have the first of them in a few weeks.

By the way, we've still got several items remaining in our Clearance Sale. These items are 30% off and once they're gone, they're gone!

September 24, 2012 - Clearance Sale Continues At 30% Off!

Our 2012 Clearance Sale is still going! This stuff has to go, so the remaining items have now been cut back to 30% off! Check it out!

August 30, 2012 - Out Of Office This Weekend

Just a heads-up, we're going to be out of the office this weekend and won't be back until probably Tuesday of next week. As usual in these cases, you can still place orders or send us emails, but we won't be responding or shipping anything out until we return. We apologize for the inconvenience.

August 22, 2012 - New Pig Iron Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders!

New Pig Iron Awesomeness! Today we've got Pig Iron's brand new Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders pack. This contains three multipart metal figures all on a rubble sprue you can use to decorate your bases or for making terrain. We have a limited number of these in stock now!

Also, stop by the Clearance Sale 2012 page to see what items are still available at 20% off!

July 24, 2012 - New TableScape buildings and trees in the catalog!

New from TableScape Terrain are eight new buildings and two types of palm trees. These are a fantastic Middle Eastern style of building, available in a set of 3 outbuildings, a large 2 story, and 6 varying homes.

Also, the Clearance Sale is still underway! To see what items are available, check the Clearance Sale 2012 page!

July 24, 2012 - New MERCS items added to the catalog!

We've just added the latest releases from MERCS Miniatures to the catalog. This includes one figure, the FCC Saboteur, as well as the six currently available starter sets. The starter sets can be found in the relevant section of the catalog for the faction they are for. These starter sets contain figures, dice, cards and quickstart rules. We'll take pre-orders for a few days before bringing in the first stock of these, as usual.

As a side note, our Clearance Sale is still underway! To see what clearance items are still available, check the Clearance Sale 2012 page!

July 22, 2012 - Clearance Sale: Select Items 20% Off!

We've just gone through our catalog and cleaned out a lot of different product lines that, for a variety of reasons, we won't be carrying for the time being. Some of these are difficult to get, or out of production, while others are being dropped for other reasons, such as just not being a good fit with our product lineup. The remaining stock of these items is now on sale for 20% off! Check out the Clearance Sale 2012 page for details!

Please note that, should you need a product from one of these lines in the future, in many cases we can still get these items for you on a special order basis. Just drop us a line and ask!

July 19, 2012 - Gaming For A Cure Event This Weekend!

Gaming For A Cure Logo

This weekend there's a great event going on and we want to ask you all to help get the word out! Gaming For A Cure is having their 2012 Main Event this Saturday, July 21st. The event is in Traverse City, Michigan and is located in the Olson Building on the Northwestern Michigan College campus. You can find the details on their website: http://www.gamingforacure.webs.com

Check it out and help spread the word for a good cause!

June 23, 2012 - Ninja Magic Kapuki Frigate Temporarily Unavailable

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Kapuki Frigate produced by Ninja Magic is currently unavailable. It's getting a spiffy new redesign but we can't take any more orders for that ship until the new version gets through the casting process and back into the supply stream. We'll be sure to post news about it once it is available again.

May 22, 2012 - New Defiance and Pig Iron Pre-Orders!

Defiance Games relases their first miniatures, a set of 28mm plastic multi-part marines, while Pig Iron continues releasing fantastic parts and bits. Twenty new heads, two sprues with five pairs of legs each, and two sets of five torsos, all with their new rubble sprues, perfect for that little extra bit of terrain we always need.

We will be taking pre-orders for the new products over the next week or so.

March 31, 2012 - RHG Offices Closed For A Few Days

Just wanted to let everyone know that our offices will be closed until Thursday, April 5th. You can still place orders and we will have people here to receive shipments from our suppliers, but we won't be able to reply to emails or ship orders out until Thursday of next week.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will respond to emails and orders as soon as possible after we re-open next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

February 24, 2012 - New Pig Iron Weapon Pack!

New from Pig Iron Productions, we've just added the Weapons and Scopes pack! This pack contains 10 mixed weapons and four scopes to mix and match with. This is a new release, but we do have just a few early arrivals in stock now!

February 6, 2012 - New Ninja Magic Products!

We're pleased to announce that we've just added a couple of new releases from Ninja Magic to the catalog! One addition is the new 180 Degree Angle Connectors for their line of magnetic flight stand adapters. This allows you to orient your ships completely inverted, should the need arise. The other new item from Ninja Magic is the Adapter Alignment Key. This simple tool makes it easy to ensure your Magnetic Adapters are properly aligned with the base when attaching them to your flight stands.

We have limited quantities of both of these items in stock now!

January 4, 2012 - Email Issues Fixed!

Our email server appears to be back to normal! We've recieved emails that were sent during the outage, but if you sent an email and haven't gotten a response, please resend. Thanks!

January 3, 2012 - Email Issues

We've been having some issues with our email server for the past couple of days. The IT guys are beating on it, but it's still not at 100%. If you've sent us an email in the past few days it may be that it will come through eventually or it may have gotten eaten by the internet. We'll post an update here when the issue is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience!

November 7, 2011 - New MERCS Miniatures!

We've just added the latest releases from the MERCS Miniatures line to the catalog! This includes the new Keizai Waza faction as well as the sefadu and new figures for the Yellow Jackets, USCR and KemVar factions. These new items will be on pre-order this week. Enjoy!

November 4, 2011 - New Instant Mold Pre-Order, Dark Age And Shipping Changes

We're very pleased to announce that we're now taking pre-orders for Instant Mold from Cool Mini Or Not. This nifty new product is a reusable, non-stick material that you can use to make a mold of just about anything. Great for making your own bits, bases or duplicating some piece you've worked hard to create a master of. This stuff is great for customizing a figure, terrain and scenics and just about anything else!

In other news we've removed most of the Dark Age products from our catalog. This is due to the recent changes with the product line. We plan to add Dark Age back to the catalog soon, but for now the only products displayed are a handful of older items that we still have stock for. We hope to get Dark Age back in the catalog in the near future.

Also, as mentioned in the last update, we're going to be changing our shipping prices soon. We still haven't determined the exact changes but we expect our shipping prices will increase before the end of the month.

October 4, 2011 - New Pig Iron Pre-Order And Upcoming Changes

First, we just want to give everyone a heads-up that our shipping prices will be changing soon. We've not worked out all the details, but with continual postage increases we're finding it harder to keep our prices where they have been for years now. Once we get the details worked out, we'll be making an update here and the other usual places. Also, we may soon have to stop accepting payments by postal mail due to changes in the banking industry. Again, we'll post news here once we know for sure what changes will be made.

Now for some good news! We've got a great new Pig Iron product up for pre-order - the new System Troopers Command Squad. This pack of three figures comes with separate heads and backpacks. The figures are equiped with weapons and futuristic tablet computers to manage the battle and lead from the front!

We'll take pre-orders for the new System Troopers Command Squad for a few days or perhaps a week to give you all a chance to get your orders in. Enjoy!

July 12, 2011 - Zombie High School, Warlands and Pig Iron!

We've got another large update for you today. For starters, a brand new card game from Samurai Game Labs, Zombie High School! Take on the zombies to save your classmates or, if you take too many wounds, eat their brains!

Also, we've added two new items from Pig Iron Productions. First is their System Trooper Sniper Team pack, featuring a sniper and his spotter. They've also just released their first scenery pack, a Ruined Walls sprue that's perfect for scenic bases or just a place to hunker down while sniping your opponents!

Finally, we've also just updated the Aberrant section of the catalog with the latest Rezolution products and we've finally gotten the Warlands post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game in the catalog as well. There were also some price adjustments to the Rezolution products. Most prices didn't change, a few went up and several when down.

As is our usual practice, we'll be taking pre-orders for these new products for a week or so before ordering in our initial stock. Thanks and Enjoy!

June 17, 2011 - New Ninja Magic Ship!

Just a quick little update today. We've just added the latest from Ninja Magic to the catalog - the Protector class ship. This can be found in their Hyperdyne Astronautics line. We'll take pre-orders for a few days and get the initial stock of these probably in a week or so.

June 12, 2011 - Big Black Hat Update!

We've just finished another big update, this time getting lots of new goodies from Black Hat Miniatures in the catalog!

First, the bad news - This update brings our pricing into line with the recent price increase from Black Hat. However, we did find that not all of the prices went up. Most did go up a bit, but some actually dropped as we recalculated the pricing with the exchange rate.

Now for some good news! This update adds the new Cobalt-1 line of sci-fi miniatures to the catalog! This includes the latest releases as well. This line has it all from aliens to marines in powered armor. There are also several character figures for when you need a little something special on the table!

We've also gotten the latest releases for Tales Of The Dragon Kings as well as adding a whole new faction for the Shattered Isles Fantasy line - the Forest Goblins!

We will be taking pre-orders for these new releases for a few days before our initial stock order, so get your orders in soon! Enjoy!

March 26, 2011 - Big Update At Last!

Wow! We're finally getting an update finished! It's been quite a while, but we're working on getting caught up. Lots of stuff in this update and more to come soon!

First, let me apologize for the lack of updates. We've been dealing with a variety of issues, most of which have nothing to do with Rattlehead Games, but things are starting to get back to normal. We've also had a computer die (although no data was lost) and some other minor problems. Lastly, the previous email issues that we had still seem to be resolved, but it appears that there are some residual effects. If you place an order with us and you don't get an email from us (in addition to any emails from PayPal) then something has gone wrong somewhere. If you don't find it in your spam folder, it's likely that our emails to you are bouncing. Feel free to contact us if you don't get a message from us within 24 hours of placing your order.

But, enough about that - on to the new goodies! For starters, we're finally getting caught up on new releases from Pig Iron! We've got the new System Trooper Squad Leaders pack, four new packs of heads and the new Kolony Feral Blades added to the catalog now. Unfortunately, this update also brings our pricing in line with Pig Iron's recent price increase. Our pricing has been adjusted to match theirs, using the current exchange rate. Most of the prices didn't go up a lot, but they did go up. We'll take pre-orders for these for a few days before we order the first stock in.

Speaking of manufacturers in the UK, like most US companies that bring in products from the UK we've been seeing very unpredictable shipping times. Sometimes our shipments are arriving in the usual two weeks or so and sometimes they're taking 6 weeks or longer. This appears to be an issue with customs and we hope things will eventually return to normal.

Other new additions to the catalog include some of the recent products from MERCS Miniatures. We've added the beautiful new MERCS Rulebook as well as new FCC and USCR figures. We've also added the four faction Decks. However, some of these new products are somewhat scarce. There may be delays in getting these in stock, so please keep that in mind if you order any of these in the next few weeks.

We've also finally gotten the re-released Mine Counters from Ninja Magic in the catalog. There are two kinds (Type A and Type B) and these are in stock now!

One last item to mention is that it appears that the Wargames Factory products are finally starting to make their way through the distribution chain again. For those of you who have been waiting on the Greatcoat Infantry and Zombie Horde boxed sets, we hope to have those back in stock in the next couple of weeks.

There are lots of other parts of the catalog that need updates and we'll keep working to get things caught up. For now, we hope you'll enjoy these new additions!

November 10, 2010 - Email Problems Are Fixed!

It appears that the issue with our email server has been resolved! You should now be able to contact us through the usual email channels. Thank you for your patience!

November 9, 2010 - Email Problems

We'd like to let everyone know that we've been having some issues with our email system here at Rattlehead Games. For a few weeks now, we've had intermittent problems with our messages not getting to those we've sent them to. Now, in the past few days, the problem has gotten worse and we can't send or receive emails at all. Messages sent to any of our business email addresses just bounce back.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our web guys are working on it and we hope it will be resolved in the next day or two. If you have an urgent need to get in touch with us, please contact us through our Facebook page if you are unable to reach us via email.

September 9, 2010 - Pig Iron Kolony Feral HQ Pre-Orders

We've now added the latest release from Pig Iron to the catalog, the new Kolony Feral HQ pack! This is a pack of four figures adorned with shards of ancient technology. The pack comes with four separate heads and the banner. We'll take orders for these for a few days before ordering in our initial stock.

Also, we've made some adjustments to our pricing for TableScape terrain products. This was done to bring them more in line with their new prices. However, rather than going up, most of the prices actually went down! Bonus!

September 1, 2010 - Closed Over Labor Day Weekend

We'd like to let everyone know that we'll be closed from Thursday, September 2nd, until Tuesday, September 7th. Our site will still be functional, and orders may still be placed as usual. However, we won't be available to answer emails or ship orders until we reopen. For our suppliers, there will be people here to receive shipments.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

August 20, 2010 - TableScape Catalog Update

Work continues on getting our catalog updated. Today, we've gotten the TableScape section completed and all of their products are now available for pre-order. For those unfamiliar with the line, TableScape makes tabletop scenery for use with 25-30mm figures. Their products are made from a rigid foam that is very durable, yet lightweight. It doesn't shatter when dropped and isn't prone to being crushed when you drop something on it! Their line includes urban items, industrial equipment, natural scenics such as trees, rocks and hills and more. They've also got a growing line of Mediterranian styled buildings and walls. Check it out and enjoy!

August 17, 2010 - Wargames Factory Update

We've finally gotten the Wargames Factory section of our catalog up to date! This includes the historical products as well as the new Shock Troops Greatcoat Infantry and the Zombie Horde. These are in the catalog and available to order now. We'll take pre-orders for a few days, as usual, before ordering in our intial stock of these. Please be aware that some of these may take longer to come in than others due to supply issues. We do, however, have limited quantities of the Caesar's Legions and Zulu War British Infantry sets on hand already.

August 7, 2010 - Price Decrease On Derivan Minis Paints!

We're happy to say that we have dropped prices across the board on all Derivan Minis paints. The regular paints are now $4.00 USD each and the metallics are now $5.00 USD. These are all currently in stock, with one exception: we do not currently have any of the Iridescent Medium on hand. Also, for those interested in purchasing the entire line of Derivan Minis paints (excluding Iridescent Medium) in a discounted package, please drop us a line by email and we'll work that out with you directly.

To see the colors available in this line, check out the PDF Color Chart at the Derivan site. Please do keep in mind that, depending on your computer display's settings and capabilities, these colors may be a bit different from the actual paints. But, it should give you an idea of what you're getting.

July 13, 2010 - New Goodies and Old Favorites From Ninja Magic!

We're very happy to announce that we're now taking orders for several new releases from Ninja Magic!

This round of releases includes the long-awaited fighter drones! For the Jun-ila we have the ISM-90 Drones and for the Kikoku, the Kakum-28 Starfighters. Additionally, there's now a new category called Accessories where you'll find the new Multi-use Flight Stands. These have a nifty notched ring you can mark as needed for the rules system of your choice. Lastly, we have the return of Ninja Magic's line of Counters and Markers. The Single Missile Counters and Single Torpedo Counters are back, as well as the Plasma Type A Counters. In addition, two new types of Plasma Counters (Type B and Type C) are now available!

We'll be taking pre-orders for these for a few days before we order in our initial stock of them. Larger pictures of all of these items are available on the individual product pages, or swing by the Ninja Magic photo album at our Facebook page.

May 24, 2010 - New Items From Black Hat and Dark Realm!

This time we've got new releases from two of our favorite UK companies, Black Hat and Dark Realm!

From Black Hat, we've got a new set for the Highland Dwarves, a pack of two pipers. Also new in this update are three new packs of Halfling Militia figures, with slings, swords or bows. These packs are all from their Shattered Isles fantasy range.

We've also added several new products from Dark Realm Miniatures in both their 6mm Sci-Fi line - Seeds Of War - as well as the related starship combat game Hostile Stars. This includes new vehicles for Pax Arcadia, like the Moridian Launcher truck as well as infested versions of the human terrain pieces. There are also new flyers for the Kraytonians, the Elohe Raiders in two variants, as well as the Malcore Beasts for the Skyth faction. For Hostile Stars there are new ships for both Pax Arcadia and the Kraytonians, including the wicked looking Souldagger Battleship, plus the first releases for the Andrayada fleet! Finally, we've also added the new resin terrain bases. These come in three types, Industrial, Rocky and Mud and each type is available in a rectangular or circular shape. Each base has spots for five figures to be placed on them and come 8 to a pack.

As is our usual practice, these items will all be on pre-order for a week or so before we place our initial stock orders.

April 5, 2010 - New Arena Assault Double Deck Packs!

We're happy to announce that we've just added the latest releases from Samurai Game Labs to the catalog. These are the new Double Deck Packs for their Arena Assault Expandable, Massive Multi-player Card Game! Each of these comes with two fifty card decks, rules and 20 arena gear cards. The game can be played by 2 to 8 players and is recommended for players ages 8 and up. Game time is usually 5 to 20 minutes, so several matches can be played in an evening. There are three Double Deck Packs: Samurai Vs. Ninja, Cat Fight and Robot War.

Also, note that the single Season 1 Gladiator Decks are being phased out. They are still available for order but only while supplies last.

We'll take pre-orders for the new Double Deck Packs for a few days before placing our initial stock order with Samurai Games, so you can get your orders in the first shipment!

March 23, 2010 - New Pig Iron System Trooper Special Weapons!

We've just added the latest release from Pig Iron Productions to the catalog! This time it's the System Troopers Special Weapons pack. The pack comes with two figures, each with separate heads, backpacks and weapons. The weapons are described as a heavy machine gun and an anti-armor weapon.

We'll be taking pre-orders for these the rest of this week and plan to order the first round of them in the early part of next week.

Also, we'd like to remind you of our new presence on Facebook. Come on by for a visit!

March 15, 2010 - Mercs Miniatures Are Coming and Facebook!

We're very happy to announce that we've just added Mercs Miniatures to the catalog! These are a new line of sci-fi or near future figures suitable for use with lots of different games. There is also a Mercs game coming in the near future. The figures are of various sizes, mostly around 32mm, and the sculpts are highly detailed and very cool!

Currently there are two squads available from two different factions. Each squad consists of five figures which are available individually or as a squad deal. From the CCC Megacon, there is the Yellow Jackets squad and from KemVar there is the Caes de Guerra squad. More will be coming as they are made available.

We'll be doing our usual practice of taking pre-orders for a few days before placing our initial order for these. Get yours on order today!

Also, we've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and now Rattlehead Games has a page on Facebook! Swing by and check it out!

November 29, 2009 - New Pig Iron Products And Lower Prices!
Today we have three new products from Pig Iron in the catalog. First are the initial release in a new line, the System Troopers Basic Infantry pack. This contains 5 System Troopers with separate heads and backpacks. These heads are also available in a pack of their own! Also added to the catalog today is the Kolony Rebel Specialists #1 pack, which offers four Kolony Rebel figures armed with special weapons and 10 separate heads. As usual, these are pre-order items where you can get yours in the initial shipment we get from Pig Iron. We'll place the initial stock order with them in a few days, so get your orders in soon to make sure yours are in the first shipment to arrive!

Something we're very happy to announce is that we've also lowered the prices of all Pig Iron products across the board. This isn't a temporary sale but rather a full adjustment to bring the prices closer into line with the current exchange rate.

One last thing to mention, regarding holiday purchases: It's the Christmas season and some of you maybe planning to purchase gifts for your gamer friends and family members. We're glad to help you with this in any way we can. However, please do let us know if you place an order that you need before Christmas. If there are back-orders involved, particularly with any of the products manufactured in the UK, it may be too late for us to get those to you in time given the holiday shipping delays we sometimes see this time of year.

October 6, 2009 - New Ninja Magic and Black Hat Goodies!
The latest from Ninja Magic are the long-awaited 30 and 60 Degree Magnetic Adapters. These complement the existing Straight, 45 and 90 Degree Adapters and now you can orient flight stand miniatures in just about any position and attitude you could want! In addition to the new adapter packs, there's the Ad Astra Angle Adapter Set, which contains four each of the 30, 60 and 90 Degree Adapters. Perfect for use with the Ad Astra games! Limited quantities of these are in stock now!
Also, this time, we've got two sets of new releases from Black Hat Miniatures. First we have the new Highland Dwarves. This includes the Highland Dwarf Command, a pack with swords, a pack with guns and a pack with polearms. Additionally, the line includes the dreaded War Haggises! The second Black Hat addition is the new series of Tonttu Sci-Fi Goblins, for the Mutants and Madmen line. The series starts with two four-packs of Troopers, a pack of two Captains, a pack with a Commisar and Comms Officer and a pack of three armed with heavy weapons!

With the Black Hat items, we'll be doing our usual practice of taking pre-orders for a few days before placing our initial order for these. However, please note that the Tonttu figures are not available until after their initial release at the SELWG show October 18th.

One more note: We're very happy to have the Tactical Miniatures Hostages and Big City PD packs back in the catalog and in stock! These popular figures, from the old Urban Chaos line, are now produced by Armorcast. However, for now, they're still listed in our catalog under the Tactical Miniatures name.

September 15, 2009 - New Pig Iron Releases!
We've just added the latest two releases from Pig Iron Productions. First is the newest addition to the Kolony Range, Feral Specialists. This is a four pack of figures with special weapons and 10 heads to pick from. Also, we've got a second pack of Kolony Feral Head Sprues. Lots of potiential for mods and custom figures with these!

We'll be doing our usual practice of taking pre-orders for a few days before placing our initial order for these. Get yours on order today!

September 2, 2009 - Closed Over Labor Day Weekend
We'd like to let everyone know that we'll be closed from Thursday, September 3rd, until Tuesday, September 8th. Our site will still be functional, and orders may still be placed as usual. However, we won't be available to answer emails or ship orders until we reopen.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

August 30, 2009 - Derivan MiNiS Paints In Stock Now!
We're happy to announce that we are now offering the Derivan MiNiS line of acrylic water-based paints! This is a full featured line of paints and inks suitable for miniatures, models and just about anything else. They come in 36ml dropper bottles, with the exception of the black and white primer, which come in similar bottles without the dropper tops. We have the entire line in stock now, except for the Iridescent Ink Medium which is temporarily unavailable. For a color chart and other information, please see the MiNiS page at the Derivan web site.

August 10, 2009 - Arena Assault from Samurai Games
It's a bit of a departure for us, but we've always enjoyed bringing our customers the latest from small and independent game manufacturers. This time, we're very happy to bring you Arena Assault from Samurai Games! Billed as the "expandable, massive multi-player card game", players take on the role of robotic gladiators in arena combat. This is an expandable (not collectable) card game with each combatant represented by a deck. The game is intended for 2 or (many) more players ages 8 and up.

Presently there are six gladiators (decks) available, with future characters and expansions planned for the future. The game rules can be downloaded from Samurai Games' website. As usual, we'll take pre-orders for a few days to a week before ordering our initial stock to let you get your orders in the first shipment.

July 8, 2009 - Two New Ships From Ninja Magic!
We're very happy to announce that we're now taking orders for two new releases from Ninja Magic. These are both from the Hyperdyne Astronautics line. First is the Warstar, which is a large piece that looks very imposing. Second we have the Searcher. Both of these are on a "pre-order" basis for a few days before we place our initial stock order with Ninja Magic, so you can get your orders in the first shipment of stock to arrive!

June 14, 2009 - Pig Iron Weapon Sprues Added
More new goodness from Pig Iron Productions! This time they've released a pack of sci-fi weapons. These are in the catalog and available to order now. These are on pre-order status for now, like most new additions to the catalog, but we do have a limited number on order already which will go out on a first-come first-served basis once the shipment arrives.

June 2, 2009 - New Pig Iron and Black Hat Goodies!
We've just added the lastest goodies from Pig Iron Productions and Black Hat Miniatures to the catalog, and they're very nice products indeed!

From Pig Iron, we've got the new Kolony Ferals, featuring five rag-tag figures in tattered masks, which also includes ten separate heads for maximum customization. Also, the heads are available separately in a pack of twenty. These are a new segment of the Kolony line which shows a lot of promise for future development.

From Black Hat, we have the nifty new Dwarf Cannon with Crew from their Shattered Isles Fantasy line. This is a four-piece cannon with three crew figures. Perfect for fantasy wargaming or as a set-piece for fantasy roleplaying games.

We will be doing our usual method of taking orders for a few days before placing our initial stock orders with Pig Iron and Black Hat to give everyone a chance to get their goodies in the first shipment.

May 6, 2009 - New Items From 3D Miniatures!
We've just added more goodies from 3D Miniatures Design Group to the catalog. Among these new additions are the new Thrade Emissary as well as a new line of bits called "Bitz Foundry". This new line currently has three weapon packs in it (Assault Rifles, Laser Rifles and Heavy Weapons) as well as four different packs of heads (Zombies, Ratment, Slugmen and Mutants). All of these new releases are in stock now. Take a look!

April 27, 2009 - TWILIGHT IS BACK!
That's right, the classic post-apocalyptic role-playing experience is back at last! Twilight: 2013 brings surviving the devastation following the Twilight War to a whole new generation of gamers. This all new edition of the game (the official "Twilight: 2000 3.0") uses the new Reflex game engine, but includes classic features from the original games. All packed into a beautiful hardcover book weighing in at over 300 pages of post-apocalyptic goodness! Best of all, it's in stock now!

February 10, 2009 - New Pig Iron Kolony Militia Command Heads!
We're very pleased to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for the newest addition to the Pig Iron Productions line, the Kolony Milita Command Head Sprues! This pack contains 20 heads of the types found in the Kolony Militia HQ pack. We'll be placing our initial order with Pig Iron for these in a few days, so get your orders in fast!

February 7, 2009 - News and New Additions!
We've got a fairly large update this time around with new Wyrd, Black Hat, Mannequin and Two Hour Wargames products added to the catalog.

From Wyrd, we've finally gotten caught up on their recent new releases, including the Steamborg Executioner, Cauldron Witch and more. Note that while all of these are currently on a "pre-order" status with us, the Snake Battlebeast may take quite a bit longer to get in as our distributor is currently sold out of them.

We've also added the latest addition to the Mannequin Miniatures lines, their new series of orcs and goblins, Mean & Green! These are a selection of nasties with a lot of character, good for bolstering a 28mm humanoid army or as foes for your fantasy RPG groups to face.

Another new addition is the latest from Two Hour Wargames - Larger Than Life, the game of pulp adventures! Like all Two Hour Wargames, this game packs lots of excitement in a simple, elegant system that's fast, flexible and all about fun!

From Black Hat, the new Shattered Isles fantasy range includes 28mm Dwarves, Orcs and Halflings in convenient packs suitable for using in armies or for roleplaying games. These figures are nicely sculpted with clean lines that focus on the character of the figure.

Lastly, we'd like to mention a couple of bits of news from Ninja Magic. First, the Hyperdyne Astronautics Colony Ships are available again and we have some in stock now! However, their line of counters and markers are going to limited availability pending a redesign. Some are more plentiful than others at this point, but all of them will be temporarily unavailable once stocks here and at Ninja Magic are exhausted until the redesigned counters are released. We ask that if you would like to order any of these, please drop us a line first to check on availability.

As usual, all of the new catalog additions are pre-orders right now and we will place our initial stock orders with our suppliers after giving you a few days to get your orders in.

January 8, 2009 - New Hasslefree, Two Hour Wargames, TableScape and More!
We've gotten a little more caught up on some recent releases from various manufacturers. In this round of catalog addtions, we have new Hasslefree, Two Hour Wargames, TableScape, Rattrap and Wargames Factory historicals.
From Wargames Factory, we have both the Caesar's Legions and the British Firing Line boxed sets. These are 28mm hard plastic multi-part figures. We have some of these in stock now!
In the new Hasslefree releases, we have three new Adventurers, Captain Kev, Joe and Remy, the new Dominatrix Libby, and several other recent releases including new weapons!
From Rattrap, we have the .45 Adventure sourcebook Super Science Tales: Terror of the Metal Menace and from TableScape we have five new products including plowed fields, tank traps, houses and shipping containers. From Two Hour Wargames we have the new Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventurers.
All of these new additions are currently in pre-order status for the next week or so, with the exception of the Wargames Factory boxed sets.
One last note: A couple of the Ninja Magic items have had their prices adjusted. Both the Jun-ila Maiyalo Heavy Auxiliary Ship and the Hyperdyne Astronautics Defender are now priced at $9.95.

December 16, 2008 - New Ninja Magic Pre-Orders!
We're pleased to announce that we're now taking orders for three new ships from Ninja Magic! There's a short window where we'll be able to order these in later this week, so you'll need to get your order in soon. This series of releases includes the new Jun-ila Maiyalo Heavy Auxiliary Ship and two new Hyperdyne Astronautics ships, the Devastator and the Warden.

Given the possibility of holiday shipping delays, we likely won't be able to get these out to customers before Christmas, but we'll get them out as quickly as we can once the pre-order shipment comes in.

December 4, 2008 - Four New Pig Iron Releases!
At last, the highly anticipated new Pig Iron releases are available! We've just added them to the catalog and are ready to start taking orders for our first shipment. This round of releases includes two new packs of head sprues, the Kolony Militia Winter Headgear and the Kolony Militia NCO Covered Helmets. In addition to the new heads, there are two new packs of Kolony figures. First, there's the Kolony Militia HQ pack, featuring four figures, three officers and their handy service droid. The second pack of figures is the Kolony Militia NCOs pack, with three officers. Both figure packs feature seperate heads and equipment, for maximum customization. Get your orders in soon to get your goodies in the first shipment of stock to come in!

November 7, 2008 - Ninja Magic Colony Ship Temporarily Unavailable
We've been given word that the Hyperdyne Astronautics Colony Ship from Ninja Magic is temporarily unavailable. Our stock on hand is sold out and it will be a few weeks at least as new molds are being made. This ship is still available to order in our catalog, but buyers should be aware that there could be lengthy delays in getting more of those in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

November 3, 2008 - New Ninja Magic and Black Hat Products!
Today we have new releases for two different manufacturers, Ninja Magic and Black Hat Miniatures! From Ninja Magic, we've got four new ships available. For the Jun-ila, we have the new Dalasin Interception Carrier and from the Hyperdyne Astronautics line we've got the Skirmisher, the Watcher and the Deceiver. These highly anticipated ships are, as usual, on a pre-order basis for a few days.

Please note that the product numbers for the Intruder and the Invader have been swapped. It may be neccesary to refresh the catalog pages for these ships if they don't load properly, as the product numbers are part of how our catalog is organized.

From Black Hat, we're pleased to announce the final two items in the Tales Of The Dragon Kings line. First is a four piece set, Monkey and Friends. Additionally, there is Monkey On A Cloud. These are perfect for kung-fu and Chinese fantasy gaming. We'll also take orders for these for a few days before placing our initial order with Black Hat.

October 22, 2008 - Mannequin Miniatures Now Available
We're very happy to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for our latest addition to the catalog, Mannequin Miniatures! This is a new line from the UK and we're looking forward to seeing it grow. The inital releases include three 28mm figures: Ellie Autumn Leaf, Sasha and Jeannette which comes with three arm choices. Aside from the three initial figures, there are nine gravestones available, individually or as a set. As usual, we'll take orders for these for a few days before we place our initial order with Mannequin Miniatures to let you get your orders in the first shipment. Take a look and enjoy!

October 7, 2008 - New Hasslefree Releases
We are happy to announce that we are now taking orders for the latest round of Hasslefree releases! This batch of releases includes three new Adventurers, Frank Cisco, Kitty and Witch Hazel. Also included is the new Kevinicus figure, a male nude, as well as the three long-awaited Mawe figures. The Mawe figures come in three poses, Roaring, Leaping and Crouching. We'll take orders for these for a few days before we place our order with Hasslefree, as usual.

September 10, 2008 - New Pig Iron, Black Hat and Hasslefree
We're pleased to announce some new additions to the catalog, some of which have been a while in coming.

To begin with, the latest new pack from Pig Iron Productions, the Kolony Rebel Infantry Pack is now available to order! This pack contains five figures with 10 separate heads to pick from. This is the first of the Kolony Rebel packs with more to come in the future.

We've also gotten caught up on the new releases from Black Hat Miniatures, including the new Sci-Fi Marines and the Tales of the Dragon Kings Dragons! These are great new figures with a wide variety of uses.

Finally, we have also added the latest from Hasslefree, including some releases that have been available for a while but are just now making it into the catalog. This batch of releases includes the new Oberon figure, ten new packs of CAD Guns and an assortment of other goodies!

We'll do our usual process of taking orders for these new items for a few days to a week before placing our initial stock orders. Get your orders in quick to get your goodies in the first shipment to cross the pond!

August 18, 2008 - New Ninja Magic Ships Available For Pre-Order
We've finally gotten more or less caught up on our back-log from our recent absence and we're happy to announce that we have just added the newest ships from Ninja Magic to the catalog. In this release are the Intruder, Invader, Defender and Ranger. We'll be taking pre-orders for these for a few days as usual, before we place our initial order with Ninja Magic. Take a look!

Also, don't forget to check out the other recent releases, the Guardian as well as the Jun-ila Oahhano Battleship.

July 31, 2008 - Away for Vacation August 2nd to 10th
We will be closing our office for a week starting Saturday, August 2nd until Sunday, the 10th. There will be people here to receive shipments, and our catalog and email will be operating normally. However, we won't be here to ship orders or respond to emails until the 10th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

July 23, 2008 - New Ninja Magic, Dark Realm and More
We're finally more or less caught up and things seem to be returning to normal here. One of the big tasks we had to undertake upon resuming normal operation was to finish a large catalog update we'd started prior to the recent troubles with our computer. At last, that update is in!

One big thing is that we've added Dark Realm Miniatures to our catalog! They produce an extensive line of 6mm sci-fi products including packs of figures, vehicles, walkers and even terrain. Have a look at the Dark Realm Miniatures section of the catalog and give them a try! We'll be taking pre-orders for a few days first, as is our normal practice with new additions to the catalog.

Another addition is the highly-anticipated new ships from Ninja Magic! In this release are two ships, the Jun-ila Oahhano Battleship and the Hyperdyne Astronautics Guardian. In breaking with our normal method, because of the high demand and long wait for these, we have already ordered a limited number of each of these ships and expect them in late this week. These will be first come, first served, of course. But once they sell out we will be ordering more in a few days.

Something that many of you have been waiting for are the new Backpack Sprues from Pig Iron Productions. Again, due to demand and some quirks of timing, we have a limited number of these packs in stock now.

There are several other new additions to the catalog, as well as some changes. We've finally updated our prices for Hasslefree products to reflect the recent price changes they made. Many of these are price increases, but there were a few that went down. Also, one big change is that we've removed Reaper Miniatures from the catalog entirely. You can still order Reaper products from us! However, for numerous reasons, it has become impossible for us to keep the Reaper portion of the catalog up to date. If you would like to order any Reaper items, or add them to an existing order, just drop us a line by email and we'll get what you need on order.

July 17, 2008 - The Road To Recovery
Well, it's taken quite a bit longer than we'd expected, but we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We have gotten things more or less back in working order and have resumed shipping orders and answering emails. However, we've been shut down for some time now and we have a lot of catching up to do. If you have placed an order with us during the recent problems, we should have received your order, but we may not have had a chance to process it yet. We're working to get caught up on current orders as fast as possible but it may take us a little while to get to everyone.

In addition to the orders and emails we have received during our down-time, we were also in the process of updating the catalog before things went to pieces. That catalog update will need to be finished, as well as making some more additions that have come up during the past couple of weeks. This update will hopefully take place next week, if not before.

We apologize for the inconvenience and delay these problems have caused. We appreciate your patience as we've worked through these issues. Thank you!

June 27, 2008 - Technical Difficulties
Due to some unexpected computer problems, we will be unable to operate normally for some time. We are working on solving these issues, and hope to be back up and running normally in a few days to a week. Our website is still functioning normally, and you can still place orders. However, we will be unable to respond to emails or ship orders (or even acknowledge them) until we get this situation resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

May 21, 2008 - New Pig Iron, Black Hat and more!
It's been a while since we've done a catalog update, but there's been so many fantastic products released lately that it's taking a very long time to get them all in. We finally decided we had to put some of the new additions on hold and get some of this uploaded so you can start ordering this stuff. So, keep an eye open - There's lots more where this came from!

This time we've got the new pack of Pig Iron Kolony Militia Specialists II. This pack contains two snipers and two heavy laser troopers. We already have some of these in stock, but they will sell out quickly. We will be placing a new order for more in a few days, after everyone has had time to get their orders in.

Another item that we wanted to get in the catalog well before now are the newest offerings from Black Hat. There are several new packs from Tales of the Dragon Kings, as well as a new Giant for their Distant Lands Fantasy line.

For you zombie folks, the new game from Rebel Minis, Red Ops 5, is in the catalog now, with limited copies in stock as well. Also check out their great Zombies vs. Special Forces Battle Box 15mm boxed set! All the figures you need to get started with Red Ops 5!

There's more in this update as well! New goodies from Rattrap Productions, Aberrant Games, Osprey Publishing (Field Of Glory), Black Cat Bases and War Torn Worlds! Have a look around and enjoy!

April 15, 2008 - Latest Hasslefree Releases Finally In!
It's a little behind schedule, but we've just gotten the latest Hasslefree releases in the catalog! This is a big update with lots of new goodies from across the pond!

To begin with, we have the new "Mystic Warrior" child Pirates. These are four kids who appear to be able to take care of themselves. Included are Jenny, Kieran, Megan and Luke.

Also in this update are a new Adventurer, another child by the name of Palin who has a chainsaw for those pesky zombies and a new Dwarf by the name of Hatherly, armed with a hammer.

In addition to these we round out the new releases with the latest White Metal. This time we get the Agarix, mushroom people sculpted by Russ Lockyer. They are available in two packs (A & B or C & D), each with two different poses in them, including separate arms. Also in the White Metal range are the evil (but short) mastermind Vile Vek and a very forlorn looking Zombie, both by Mark Craggs.

In a departure from our usual method of pre-orders, we currently have all of these new releases in stock now. Should the initial quantities sell out we will be ordering more very soon. We've also received a sizable restock on those meddling kids as well!

April 10, 2008 - RPGBomb: "MySpace for gamers"!
Something we've recently discovered is RPGBomb, which is a social networking site for gamers. Membership is free and there's lots of people already there. Join up for blogs, image galleries, forums, flash games and, of course, to meet other gamers to play with! See you there, and tell 'em Rattlehead sent you!

April 7, 2008 - Policy Updates Including International Shipping
We're happy to announce that our shopping cart now offers shipping for international customers! For full details, see our Policies/FAQ page, but the short version is that international customers can now place their orders using the shopping cart without the need for further billing for shipping costs. The amounts charged are based on the total of your shopping cart. There are two main categories, Canada and the rest of the world.

However, we realize that some of you would rather pay the exact shipping cost rather than the estimated cost charged by the shopping cart. If this is what you prefer, you may still send us an email with your order and we can invoice you through PayPal with the correct shipping as before.

International customers may also opt for Flat Rate Priority shipping, which is expensive but faster. Also, we have made some other changes to our Policies. Notably, we can no longer replace shipments that don't make it to their destination unless they are insured. If you would like your order to be insured, let us know and we can bill you for the cost of the insurance via PayPal.

March 15, 2008 - Enormous Catalog Update And New Lines!
We've got a big update in and we're very excited about some of these new releases. We've got new goodies for lots of different genres and some new product lines as well!

To start things off, We have new releases from Black Hat Miniatures, the latest Tales of the Dragon Kings packs. This round includes Warrior Maidens, Chinese Heroes I, Chinese Heroes II, Chinese Wizards I and Chinese Wizards II. A limited number of these are in stock now. In other Black Hat news, the Civilians packs (I and II) are now available as individual figures.

We've also added the latest releases from Wyrd Miniatures, including the new Nephilim Brood and Mature Nephilim. Wyrd is also producing a series of inserts that fit onto their bases. Currently two themes (in three sizes) are available, plus accessories.

Also producing base inserts is Dark Age Games. They currently have the Ice Flats theme available in three sizes. Aside from these, there are also new figures available - the Forsaken Haniel #2 pack - as well as the Forsaken Faithful Warband boxed set. Also check out the first of their Faction Decks, the Forsaken Saint Mark deck.

Abberant Games brings us new Vatacina products, the Vatacina Guard Team set, containing 6 figures, as well as the new Vatacina Guard Lieutenant. The Rezolution: Outbreak rulebook has been added to the catalog as well, giving you rules for this new faction.

We've also just added the latest product from Kraftmark, Terrain Putty, to the catalog. This two part epoxy mixture is designed specifically for creating and repairing terrian pieces. It's lightweight, durable and comes in two 8 ounce jars for 16 ounces of material. I'm eager to see what the terrain gurus out there can do with this stuff! We currently have this in stock, as well as plenty of ProCreate for you sculptors!

Finally, there are new War Torn Worlds items for those of you who prefer to buy your terrain rather than make it yourself. This set of releases includes the new winter terrain, such as the Outcropping A - Winter piece. There are also other new items, like the Swampy Pool.

But it's not just existing product lines we've added to - we've also got some totally new lines for you this time! For starters, we have a whole new game called Road Kill. This is a 25/28mm post-apocalyptic skirmish game in which survivors battle it out with Vampire and Werewolf motorcycle gangs. The line also features an assortment of zombies and zombie hunters, as well as law enforcement figures.

We've also added a fantastic line of 32mm Pirates from Resina Planet. These figures are very nice, with great detail and lots of character. The line consists of nine different figures at this time, including the flag waving Escarlata and the hook-handed Jacobo Escorbuto.

As always, we'll take orders for these new releases for a few days to let you get your orders in the first shipment of stock. For those items which we already have limited quantities of on hand, orders will be filled in the order they are received.

March 4, 2008 - Gary Gygax Passes Away
It is with great sadness that we've heard news of the passing of Gary Gygax. The original creator of Dungeons & Dragons and the "father of role-playing", Mr. Gygax touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Those of us who grew up playing RPGs, and Dungeons & Dragons specifically, owe much to him. For many of us, gaming is a central aspect in our lives, and by extention Gary Gygax was as well. His creation has brought countless hours of happiness and fun to so many people and opened our lives to worlds of adventure. He will be sorely missed.

Godspeed Mr. Gygax

February 20, 2008 - New Pig Iron and Black Hat!
Today we're pleased to begin taking orders for the newest release in Pig Iron's Kolony line, the Kolony Militia Specialists! This is a pack of four figures, two poses with flame throwers and two with squad assault weapons. The figures also come with separate-piece heads, for additional customization.

Another new release we're excited about are the three new packs in Black Hat's Tales of the Dragon Kings line. This round of releases includes the Warrior Princesses, Vampire Hunters as well as Panda Adventurers. Enjoy!

We will, of course, take orders for these for a few days before putting in our initial stock order, to let you get your items in the first shipment of stock.

Sadly, we've also had to take something out of the catalog. For now, we've removed the Alpha Forge Games product lines from the catalog. We hope this will be a temporary change, but for now we are having supply problems and until that's sorted out, we can't fill all orders. We do have many Alpha Forge items in stock, so if there's something you need, drop us a line and we'll let you know if we have it on hand. We have long been fans of Alpha Forge products and we hope to have this issue resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

January 28, 2008 - Another big catalog update!
It's been a while, but we've finally got another update made to the catalog. This round of changes is pretty significant. In part, there are a few lines we've removed from the catalog, due to availability problems or other issues. However, we've also got a lot of new additions to take their place!
For starters, and highly anticipated, we have the latest round of Hasslefree figures available for order! This includes the new meddling kids, which can be found in the Civilians section, as well as the Chaos Dwarf sculpted by Sjoerd Trouwee and Bubba and Rose in the Adventurers line!

Aside from the new Hasslefree goodies, we also have an assortment of new items such as Infestation, the first scenario book for 5150, by Two Hour Wargames and new Dark Age releases. We've also made updates in the Blue Moon Manufacturing portion of the catalog as well as a few other changes. Meanwhile, the reorganization of the Black Cat Bases section continues. We've cleaned it up some more, but it's still not completely where we want it to be just yet.

As usual, we'll be taking orders for these new items for a few days before we place our initial stock orders with our suppliers, so get your orders in soon to get your items in the first shipment!

November 24, 2007 - Spugs are now mobile!
The Spug threat has grown with this latest release from Spriggan Miniatures! First there were simple infantry, slogging in the mud. Then there were JumpSpugs hopping over the battlefield, bringing death from above. Now they can strike with lightning speed on the new Spug Scout Bike! This newest addition to the 15mm Spug aresenal will make these deadly aliens even more dangerous on the battlefield. They can be used to seek out targets, flank their enemies and even direct artillery fire for their conquering armies. Check 'em out and get your pre-orders in today!

November 14, 2007 - Latest Releases from Pig Iron, Black Hat and Rattrap
We've got a new round of catalog additions for you this week and we'll be taking pre-orders for them for a few days. There's some great stuff in this batch!

First up, we've got a brand new release from Pig Iron for their Kolony range of 28mm sci-fi figures. The Kolony Militia Missile Teams pack contains 4 figures, two in running poses and two in a firing stance plus accessories. Each figure has a separate head to help you make them unique.

Another new addition is the new line of Oriental Fantasy figures from Black Hat Miniatures, Tales of the Dragon Kings. Currently there are three packs available, each with four figures in them. This line will be growing soon along with the rest of Black Hat's offerings.

Finally, we're happy to annouce the addition of Rattrap's new Fantastic Worlds line. We've got the new rulebook available plus three sets of miniatures. However, some of these items are currently of limited availability. If you would like to check on the availability of any of these, or anything else, please feel free to drop us a line at custsvc@rattleheadgames.com and ask!

November 6, 2007 - New Hasslefree, Black Hat and War Torn Worlds!
We've not updated the catalog in a while but now we have a large batch of new additons you're sure to love!

For starters, the latest from Hasslefree is now available for pre-order. This includes Harby, that beefy fellow in a trenchcoat as well as two other new Adventurers. There's also new sci-fi guns in the Bits line, along with rhino, alien and dragon heads. Additionally, there's a new Grymn and a new White Metal figure plus more. A lot more in fact. Too much to list it all here. Take a browse through the Hasslefree section of the site and see what catches your eye.

Also, we've got the new Dvarg from Black Hat Miniatures. This line, formerly listed in the catalog as Space Dwarves by Outcast Miniatures has been newly expanded. In addition to the new Dvarg, Black Hat has introduced a fantastic line of Skeletal Marines. These are simply fantastic figures of skeletons with helmets, tattered uniforms and assault rifles. Also, the zombies and adventurers formerly produced by Outcast have been brought over to the Black Hat section of the site.

In addition to these new items, we've also added the new Alien Hive resin bases from MorganKeith Studios. There are five different packs of these in two different styles, standard and premium.

Finally, we're happy to announce new releases from War Torn Worlds. This time we've got a set of Tire Piles, a Rocky Pond and more!

One more thing worth mentioning: We are currently working on getting the Black Cat Bases section of the catalog better organized. This is an ongoing project and for the time being, things may be a bit jumbled there. If you have trouble finding a Black Cat Bases product you'd like to order, just drop us a line and we can help you out.

September 22, 2007 - Latest News At Rattlehead Games
This is just a brief note to let everyone know the latest here at RHG.

First, let me apologize for any delays experienced by our customers. I've been under the weather the past week or so and it's been a struggle for us to keep up, especially with so much going on lately with all the new releases. My wife has been a trooper and helped out a lot, but there's a lot of work to do. I'm on the mend now and hope the worst is over. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Second, we're pleased to announce that the new Classic BattleTech Introductory Boxed Sets are in stock now! These things have been selling out fast everywhere and supplies are limited, so these are, of course, on a first come, first served basis.

Lastly, the new Ninja Magic releases have been enormously popular. Unfortunately, this means that our first shipment has sold out before it has even arrived. Those who placed pre-orders will have their orders filled, of course. We're now taking a second round of orders before placing our next stock order with Ninja Magic. However, some items now have limited availability. Plasma Counter and Escape Pods Type B packs are temporarily unavailable. You can still place orders for them, but be aware that there will be extended delays in getting them. Other counters and markers have limited availability, but aren't completely unavailable yet. We have been informed by Ninja Magic that they are working to meet demand as quickly as possible, but it may be a couple of weeks before the supply is stable.

September 18, 2007 - New Hasslefree Releases In The Catalog!
We've just added the latest round of releases from Hasslefree to the catalog! In this batch, look for new Adventurers Nick, Sam Ford and Morgan, Grimdalf the dwarven wizard, his apprentice Heyu and three different Gnolls! Also, there's some new shields in the Bits line.

We'll be taking pre-orders for these for a few days, so you can get your orders in now!

September 14, 2007 - Now Offering Black Cat Bases!
We're very happy to announce that we are now taking orders for Black Cat Bases products! Black Cat Bases produces an enormous array of detailed bases, as well as terrain and scenery and some 28mm Fantasy and Pirate miniatures. Check 'em out!

September 11, 2007 - New Ninja Magic, Wyrd, BattleTech, Black Hat and More!
At long last, the Jun-ila fleet has appeared! These new Ninja Magic ships have been highly anticipated since their preview at GenCon. They are accompanied by tons of new counters plus new Kikoku and Hyperdyne Astronautics ships! Also, there have been some price adjustments in the Ninja Magic line, as well as some packaging rearrangements. Take a look around and enjoy!

Also, we've got lots of new Wyrd Miniatures products in the catalog, including the new Viktoria steampunk version and the Rotten Belles. We've finally added the Catacomb Prowlers too!

The much anticipated Classic BattleTech Introductory Boxed Set is also available for order. This includes 24 plastic miniatures and everything else needed to get started in the king of mecha combat - Classic BattleTech!

But this isn't all! We've also got the new Black Hat Henchmen, new TableScape Shell Holes and new items from Dark Age Games, including the new Essence rulebook, in the catalog.

As usual, we'll take orders for these new goodies for a few days before we place our initial stock orders. To ensure your items are in the initial shipment, get your orders in soon!

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